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As a member of the Mitsui Mining & Smelting Group, Mitsui Kushikino Mining Company Limited specializes in precious metal smelting with its roots in the Kushikino Mine in the Ichiki Kushikino City, the Kagoshima Prefecture, facing the East China Sea.

With a more than 350-years history, the Kushikino Mine is the fourth largest gold mine in Japan with a cumulative gold production of about 56 tons. In 1906, operations at the Kushikino Minebegan as the Mitsui Mining Unlimited Partnership and since then, Mitsui has run the business formore than 100 years with deep roots in the local communities.

Today, we mine gold ores from the Akeshi Mine in the Chiran Township,the Minami Kyushu City as well as the Kushikino Mine, and extract gold and silver at the only whole-sliming cyanidation plant in Japan, while recycling gold, silver and other precious metals using the experience and technology we have developed over the years.

Having obtained ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certifications for the environment and safety, and ISO9001(Nitrate solution processing only) certification for quality,our first priorities are to preserve the natural environment and to ensure work safely. We will commit ourselves to contributing to society and gaining further trust by helping to create a recycling-oriented society through continuous technological development.

Mitsui Kushikino Mining Co.,Ltd.

Company Profile

Mitsui Kushikino Mining Company Limited

Address 12955 Mitsui, Ichiki Kushikino,Kagoshima 896-0068
TEL. +81-996-32-2800(Main)
FAX +81-996-32-4477
Established 1964
Capital 100 million yen
Shareholders MITSUI MINING & SMELTING CO.,LTD.(100%)
Employees 131 (as of july 1 2023)

Osaka Sales Office

Address Inside the office of Mitsui Mining & Smelting Company Limited
16th Floor, Yodoyabashi Mitsui Building
4-1-1 Imabashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-0042
TEL. +81-6-7633-0613
FAX. +81-6-7633-0618
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  • 三井串木野鉱山
  • 三井串木野鉱山
  • 三井串木野鉱山
  • 三井串木野鉱山
  • 三井串木野鉱山
  • 三井串木野鉱山



Kizaemon Niihara, a pot merchant from the Sendai City, the Kagoshima Prefecture,discovered the Kushikino Vein No.1


Mitsui Mining Unlimited Partnership took over the operations


Completion of the first whole-sliming cyanidation smelter in japan


Daily production of ores reached 1,300 tons


Operations suspended due to the gold mining prohibition during the World War ll


Operations resumed


Mitsui Kushikino Mining Company Limited was founded, separate from the Mitsui Mining & Smelting Company Limited


The gold and silver recycling plant began operations


A joint mining concession to the Akeshi Mine was granted, and operations were begun


Mining was suspended at the Kushikion Mine


ISO 14001 certification was obtained


ISO 45001 certification was obtained


The platinum processing plant began operations


An yttrium processing plant began operations


Processing plant stop operation


Acquire ISO 9001 certification(Partial process)
PGM recycling began operations